3rd Australian Circular Economy Conference

1st University of Sydney Net Zero Initiative (NZI) Conference

21-25 November 2022

The Australian Circular Economy Conference (ACEC) in this third iteration will be the opportunity to bring together current and emerging circular economy leaders in Australia. In this third iteration, the conference will build on the success of the 2nd and 1st ACECs and will be serving up a joint program with the launch of the 1st University of Sydney Net Zero Initiative (NZI) Conference. The conference will run from Monday 21 November to Friday 25 November 2022.

Built like a festival and organised for both virtual and in person participation, the joint event will deliberate on the progress, innovation, and benefits of the circular economy and digital solutions for Net Zero. It will shine a spotlight on the industry and businesses that are actively transitioning to Net Zero through circular economy and digital solutions.

Special attention will be on University Research Commercialisation (URC) and breaking barriers around research-industry engagement on the translation of research into commercial technologies and solutions. This Conference welcomes audiences from all levels of the community, with the objective to share knowledge on the circular economy, discuss trends in policy, research, education, business, and industry.

The Conference will promote the role of the University of Sydney in building a holistic sustainable approach that serves our well-being and prosperity agenda.

#ACEC22 is co-hosted by

Net Zero Initiative USYD
Waste Transformation Research Hub
Sydney Knowledge Hub USYD
NSW Circular

#ACEC22 will have events across

Advancing ManufacturingCritical MineralsFood WastePower Fuels
BiocharData Analytics, Metrics, and BenchmarkingGovernment, Policy, and RegulationProduct Stewardship
Carbon Dioxide RemovalDesignHealthcareRegional Australia
Circular BusinessDigital Circular EconomyIndigenous and CountrySmart Sustainable Buildings
Circular ConstructionDigital TechnologiesInfrastructure, Precincts, and Eco-Industrial ParksSupply Chains
Circular PlasticsDigital TwinsLifecycles and Supply ChainsTextiles
Clean Energy and Hydrogen EconomyEducationLiving LabsTransport
Climate Change Mitigation Solutions and TechnologyEnergy StorageLogisticsUniversity Research Commercialisation
Climate ModellingEntrepreneurshipMaterials for Energy StorageWater
Climate Risk and AdaptationFinance, Investment, and ESGNano