The Fourth Australian Circular Economy Conference

1 – 3 October 2024

The Circular Economy is an economic model targeting waste reduction, pollution mitigation, and resource sustainability through efficient resource use, reusability, and regeneration. It contrasts with the linear “take, make, dispose” model, emphasizing “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” Guided by ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles, it focuses on eco-friendly design, product life extension, and natural system restoration. The Circular Economy aims to create a resilient, sustainable system benefiting the environment and the economy for long-term prosperity.

In this fourth iteration, The Australian Circular Economy Conference (ACEC) will discuss the novel advancement in circular economy technology and focus on research advancement in the field. The theme will be Bridging R&D and ESG Principles for Circular Economy

This biennial event convenes academic leaders, government, policy officials, and innovators to emphasise the imperative role of technological research and ESG for Circular Economy advancement, the conference will run from Tuesday 1st October to Thursday 3rd October 2024. Hosted by The University of Sydney and Waste Transformation Research Hub.

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Circular Business and performance metricEducationSmart constructionHeat battery and storage
Life Cycle AssessmentIndigenous and CountryCircular PlasticWaste-to-Fuel
Digital twin and material mappingGovernment Policy and RegulationBiocharNanomaterial for Next Gen Solar
Data Analytics, Metrics, and Benchmarking      Sustainable ESG investmentFoodwasteTransport and energy savings
Supply chain and modellingResearch commercialisationLiving labsClimate modelling, risk, and mitigation